PPG Paragliders

Apco's new Force
Full reflex technology that is taking Pilots by Force.
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The STING is probably the best-known paramotor wing, with combined DULV / DHV certification. Together with the Arcus, the legendary free flying version of the STING, more than 10,000 of these gliders have been sold, making it the biggest-selling glider of all time!

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The new reflex Sportster 

Advanced PPG pilots can look forward to new levels in stability, agility and speed. SWING's paramotor brand POWERPLAY has developed the SCORPIO, the new reflex wing, and tested it according to the most exacting of considerations. In charge of this was multiple German champion and record holder Peter Schulz, who followed every step of development extremely carefully and thus had considerable input into the development of the SCORPIO.
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PowerPlay Sting Paraglider

The NAJA is the latest product in SWING's POWERPLAY range of paramotor gliders.
This uncompromising performance glider was specifically developed to meet the demands of motorised flight and has been certified under the latest DULV Advanced Class regulations.
This makes the NAJA the ideal addition to our POWERPLAY range of products.

TUSKER Tandem wing

The concept of the TUSKER satisfies the requirements placed on paramotor wings for “lightweight” tandem trikes to a high level.
The profile is extremely stable at its pressure point and this, together with the wing form, ensures optimal lift distribution, so that the TUSKER efficiently converts the thrust from the motor when climbing. Unintentional pitch movements are excellently “absorbed” by the TUSKER.

Pilots who are looking for a reliable paramotor glider for tandem flights, so they are able to share the fascination of flying with other people without any stress.